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IMCA includes several of the most competent and experienced millwright contractors in MN, SD and WI. We have united through IMCA’s leadership, to promote the highest ideals of the millwright trade, to do quality work and to deliver value to their customers.

How do we accomplish this goal?

Our millwright contractors do this in a number of unique ways.

  • By encouraging cooperation among all the partners within the millwright industry. This includes the customer, the contractor and the union millwrights.
  • By playing a key role in the establishment of fair wages and rates of pay, fringe benefits and hours of employment through collective bargaining with millwright unions.
  • By funding superior millwright training programs for apprentices and on-going training for journeymen.
  • By aggressively setting educational standards and developing cirriculum for these millwright training programs.
  • By providing the opportunity and incentive to journeyman to upgrade their trade skills with the latest knowledge and technology.
  • By insuring that union millwrights learn all there is to know about safety in order to become certified under OSHA safety training guidelines.
  • And, by offering challenging and rewarding careers to qualified men and women.

By accomplishing it’s goal, IMCA insures the constant availability of qualified union millwrights who possess superior problem solving skills and experiences. Millwrights who are used to working under crisis situations and who are ready to go right to work on any IMCA millwright contractor job. This makes IMCA the industry leader, helping it’s contractor members create only high quality, cost-efficient end-results.

What does this mean for our customers?

It means that IMCA millwright contractors are the best choice and the only choice to get your job done on time, on budget and finished right the first time around. Whether across town or across the country, by hiring IMCA millwright contractors you are guaranteed to get the best quality product at a reasonable price, completed according to your project goals and exceeding your project expectations.