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Union Millwright Contractors


A Union millwright is a craftsmen who is trained in the use of tools, equipment and materials that allow them to perform a wide variety of construction jobs. These jobs include assembly, erection, installation and maintaining of all types of industrial machinery including dismantling, lifting and rigging.

No matter which jobs union millwrights are performing, union contractors can be certain that their union millwrights are trained and skilled in the most up-to-date work methods. Union contractors also know that their union millwrights are professionals who arrive at their jobs on-time, with the correct tools of the trade and industry knowledge.  This insures that each project is completed on time, on budget and to the highest standard of quality workmanship. Union contractors have come to rely on this fact and so have their customers and our community.

Why Choose A Union Millwright Contractor

Superior problem solving

By selecting an IMCA Union millwright contractor you will be assured of the availability of qualified Union millwrights with professional attitudes. Our millwrights possess superior problem solving skills and experiences. They are used to working under crisis situations and are ready to go right to work on your next job.

Superior training

A huge advantage that IMCA millwright contractors offer is the Union Millwright Training Program.

IMCA millwright contractors are totally committed to seeing that their Union millwrights possess the wide range of knowledge and trade skills required to become superior craftsperson. IMCA Union millwright contractors provide the funding and guidance necessary to establish superior training standards and to develop the challenging curriculum required delivering the best training available anywhere in the industry.

In this way IMCA millwright contractors can insure that the right quantity and quality of millwrights are available for your next job to guarantee a quality product and cost-effective end-results.

Through the Millwright Union Journeymen Upgrading Program, Union millwrights are constantly upgrading their trade skills with the latest knowledge and technology.

There is a Millwright Union Apprenticeship Training Program. New people are constantly being brought into the trade and trained to a high standard acceptable to IMCA millwright contractors.

Safety training and certification

Safety is an important concern for Union millwright contractors. Union journeymen and women are given incentives to constantly upgrade their safety training and certifications through Union’s Safety Training Program. Some of the instruction in the training includes MW H&S(OSHA)16 Hour Course in Construction Safety, First Aid/CPR, Material Safety Data Sheet, Confined Space Operations, Forktruck safety, Rigging, Aerial Lift, GE and Seimens Westinghouse Turbine Training.

All of these benefits mean that IMCA millwright contractors, with qualified Union millwrights, possess the mobility and expertise it takes to get your next job done on time, on budget and finished right the first time around.